Enjoy The Process

I’ve been in Spain for a few weeks now and a couple of those were spent in the cave at Santa Linya. Whilst there I wanted to realise my main goal for the trip which was to do an 8b+, Rollito Sharma looked to be the obvious choice as it looked like it would suit me pretty well; biggish moves, decent holds, and pretty steep.

When I made the decision to focus on doing one route I knew that it would provide a different set of challenges than I was accustomed to. I expected the route to take a long time and I also expected a process which would challenge me mentally as well as physically. With these in mind I consciously made the decision to try and enjoy the process, instead of focussing solely on the outcome, which I had done in the past.

This approach must have worked quite well for me because the route did not take as long as expected and there wasn’t much of a mental battle, infact, the actual ascent caught me by surprise a little. After doing this I turned my attention to the extension, 8c. I was surprised by how possible it felt upon inspection. I had a couple goes at this and managed to link the 8b+ pitch again but fell at the first crux of the 8c as expected. I decided to leave it for now and move on to terradets for a bit of onsighting because although I think I could have done the extension, it would have likely taken more effort than I was willing to put in at the time. Better tto lip some chains and become a better climber overall.

Off to Margalef soon so hopefully more to come!



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